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This tutorial written by Cathy on February 7, 2004
with Paint Shop Pro Version 8, but experienced
users of PSP7 should be able to complete it also.

***** PAGE 5 *****


1. Make your "tree" layer active.

2. Use your Selection Tool, set to Rectangle, to surround your left tree.

3. Promote this selection to it's own layer (Layers/Promote Selection to Layer).

4. Rename this new layer "left tree reflection".

5. Deselect (Selections/Select None).

6. Flip your image (Image/Flip).

7. Use your Mover Tool to move this image up until the trunks meet.

8. Change your Blend Mode to Soft Light (Layers/Properties).

9. Use your Eraser tool (change your opacity back to 100) to erase any of your "reflection" which is NOT over water. Change your Opacity to 7 and Hardness to 50 then soften the edges near the shore:


10. Now we have our bridge reflection showing through our tree reflection, so we need to get rid of it.

10. With your "left tree reflection" layer active, float your selection (Selections/Select All; Selections/Float).

11. Defloat (Selections/Defloat).

12. Make your "bridge reflection" layer active and hit your delete key.

13. Repeat the above steps for your right tree:


14. Delete your "base-black" layer.

15. Merge visible your remaining layers.

16. Rename this layer "base image"

17. Now you can do any fine tuning. I used my Smudge Brush to blend any sharp edges (base of tree trunks, base of bridge, top and bottom of bridge):


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All Art Work & Graphics Designed by Cathy
This tutorial originally written on February 7, 2004
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